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Help your child to reach those milestones and learn from experts

Welcome to the FinlandWay® Family! 

FinlandWay® Family brings you the early childhood education and wellbeing experience from Finland, the world’s leading education system. FinlandWay® Family Members benefit from access to our research based early childhood education methodology and a  child development programme. 
Now you can experience Finland’s top ranked education system and expertise at home with a changing four week learning programme, the latest science about life skills development and research-based parenting hacks.

FinlandWay® Family will systematically walk you through your child’s developmental milestones, equip you with programmatic educational activity ideas and valuable information regarding specialised topics.

Learn how to continue educating your children at home and to support their key milestones, with the help of leading education and early childhood experts!

Our easy to use digital platform ensures our Family Members enjoy learning and development support everywhere, FinlandWay®!

As a FinlandWay® Family Member you will get:

An activity programme designed by top educators and education scientists

  • A changing four week learning programme with simple activity instructions and videos
  • Comprehensive learning targets for each activity 
  • Printable materials 

A  parenting toolbox – Making most of the developmental stages for your child

  • Research-based information about your child’s cognitive and socioemotional development 
  • Expert Q&A

Parenting with science – Master classes for future skills and wellbeing

  • A video series on key life skills development and tips on supporting your child: the keys to mathematical thinking, developing resilience, problem-solving skills, confidence, empathy, self regulation, and more
  • Master classes on building transversal skills for lifelong learning: critical thinking and learning cultural competence, multiliteracy and IT, interaction and self-expression, taking care of oneself, and more
  • Master classes on supporting special needs children

Your Family Member community

  • Community support
  • Contact with industry experts
  • Digital events and Ask the Expert seminars

We are launching our exclusive Family Member space soon.

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