FinlandWay International Preschools is proud to officially announce the first authentic Finnish preschool, FinlandWay, in Morocco and in Africa, in partnership with Groupe Scolaire Benabdallah of Marrakech!

Many thanks also to her Excellency the Ambassador of Finland Mme Anne Vasara and the representatives of the department of international cooperation at the Ministry of Education in Morocco Mr Brahim and Mme Laraoui for their presence and support at this great moment!

Convention entre FinlandWay International Preschools et la Groupe Scolaire Benabdallah signée en présence de son excellence Madame l’Ambassadrice Madame Anne Vasara et des représentants de la direction de la coopération internationale du Ministère de l’éducation nationale Mr Boujlil Brahim et Madame Naima Laraoui.

More information on our Marrakech partner Groupe Scolaire Benabdallah.