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PERU, Lima

Nido The Kid’s World in Lima, Peru

With 2 locations in Surco and San Borja districts, Nido The Kid’s World has been operating as a FinlandWay® Associate School since 2017. With over twenty years of experience the school welcomes children between 3 months and 5 years.
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VIETNAM, Ho Chi Minh City

The Finland Preschool - FIPS FinlandWay® in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The first authentic preschool from Finland in Vietnam, bringing the world’s best early childhood education to children ages 0–5. FIPS offers teaching in English and Vietnamese.
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MOROCCO, Marrakesh

Groupe Scolaire Benabdallah-FinlandWay® in Marrakesh, Morocco

The long-established Groupe Scolaire Benabdallah of Marrakesh offers Finnish excellence in English and Arabic. The school is located in Cite Yasmine neighbourhood and offers education from preschool to high school level.
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MOROCCO, Casablanca

Kidzmania - FinlandWay® in Casablanca, Morocco

Bouskoura located FinlandWay® Kidzmania offers an unique trilingual curriculum combined with play-based methodology. In addition to preschool Kidzmania offers primary school education starting in fall 2020.
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MOROCCO, Tangier

Al Amana -FinlandWay® in Tangier, Morocco

FinlandWay® Al Amana runs from preschool through to high school and is the oldest local private school in Morocco. 
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BOLIVIA, Santa Cruz

ECCO - FinlandWay® in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Founders of FinlandWay® ECCO, Ana-Paula and Isabelle are passionate about sustainability, equality and creating postivite impact through education. Their new school will open in 2021.

Mumbai, India

Garodia FinlandWay® in Mumbai, India

Founded in 1961, Garodia Education Group offers education from pre-primary to high school and is a regionally recognised trendsetter and innovator in the education field. 
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Stories from FinlandWay@ Schools Around The World

“The format is organized and the daily planning is ready-to-go, which simplifies the teacher’s job. The program was flexible enough for us to adapt it without compromising the learning. It satisfied all of our expectations.”

— Rita, Pedagogical Consultant

“The kids and myself enjoyed every single lesson to the max. Every morning they asked to play with the characters that had come alive in their minds and hearts. It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with FinlandWay!”

— Vanessa, Teacher

“I was having difficulties constructing the body image in the children. We tried before, but the kids wouldn’t build interest around it. We achieved that with FinlandWay, and as an educator, that was the most meaningful result.”

— Gabriela, Teacher

“The training was essential to kickstart our work. The theory and the workshops with dynamic activities were a 10/10! Our group loved it and we all have learnt of a new way of looking at the child.”

— Angelica, School Director and mother

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