High Quality Finnish Preschool Solution

Let’s do this together!

FinlandWay® is the most comprehensive and accessible Finnish early education solution designed for growth markets. We work in partnership with local quality school operators on a franchising or licensing model. You can use local teachers and resources and we provide you with the Finnish early education curriculum, teacher training and support you need to deliver the Finnish Early Education experience, every day. 

Complete Curriculum and Programme from Finland

FinlandWay® covers the complete learning programme and activity materials for 10-month-to-6-year-olds, based on the latest Finnish National Early Education Curriculum. We always adjust content and learning goals for your local requirements. Tuition at your school can be in your local language, in English or a mix thereof. Learn more about our play, participatory  and phenomenon-based methodology.

Hands-on Teacher Training

No need to hire expensive expat teachers! We give your teachers a comprehensive, practical training in Finnish play-based participatory methodology. Our on-site intensive period is held by our experienced pedagogical team and training continues with our two year online-training course, to ensure that the teachers are able to apply our learning methodology to the very highest standards.

School Design and Branding

We cooperate with leading Nordic architects to provide you with inspiring Finland-style schools. Our learning space design reflects Finnish learning philosophy and is ready to be localised within your context. We also offer complete FinlandWay® branding guidelines and support for your marketing.

Enabling Technology

We provide you with the latest learning tracking system and parents’ application which enables you to build trust and keep in contact with the families, quickly and effortlessly. Management and communication is much easier when you have all the family information in one place.

Support for a Long Partnership

You can count on us; you won’t be left alone! We are there for you from the launch process kick-off meeting to the inauguration of your new Finnish preschool. Our detailed manuals offer you plentiful insights. We understand that you have lots of questions during the first months of operation and our team supports you with an intense support period. 

Now also offering Online/Blended learning options

The accessible FinlandWay® Blended Learning support package has been created to help schools across the world to navigate the transition to the new normal with best practices and an enriched online/blended learning programme, including:

  • Training teachers in best practices for online and blended learning, by our co-founder and Director of Blended Learning at the University of Helsinki, Dr Jonna Kangas PhD
  • Daily FinlandWay® lesson plans, learning materials and learning goals, suited to both classrooms and virtual online classes 
  • Weekly online support for teachers on how to deliver the methodology, learning programme and targets
  • Ad hoc/separately negotiated: Regular live sessions with FinlandWay® teachers for students, expert webinars for parents etc.

Why FinlandWay®?

Following the world famous Finnish methodology helps you to differentiate and offer higher quality service for the families.

FinlandWay® has been developed with impact and accessibility in mind. Our way of working is more economical – no expat teachers or training abroad is needed. You can use your own teachers to follow the FinlandWay® programme as our teacher training and instruction materials support your staff daily.

The heart of FinlandWay® is in our pedagogical expertise which we share with our partners. The FinlandWay® Early Childhood Education Solution carries the highest official stamp of quality currently available from Finland for education exporters: the Education Finland stamp granted by the export programme of the National Board of Education of Finland, Ministry of Education.

Partner with us!

Do you have an existing school or would you like to start a new preschool?
We work with both greenfield and existing schools!

1. The New Concept Schools
The most comprehensive preschool-in-a-box solution available from Finland for new greenfield schools and operators, to get the full FinlandWay® look and feel!
2. Converting an Existing School
Existing preschools and preschool chains fulfilling our selection quality criteria have the opportunity to become FinlandWay® Associate Schools.

3. FinlandWay e-Educator
Unique way for educators to try out the FinlandWay® methodology with online lessons, curated pedagogical materials and daily activities.

Contact us for details, we are happy to tell you more about opportunities with FinlandWay®.


FinlandWay® Experience

“The format is organized and the daily planning is ready-to-go, which simplifies the teacher’s job. The program was flexible enough for us to adapt it without compromising the learning. It satisfied all of our expectations.”

— Rita, Pedagogical Consultant

“The kids and myself enjoyed every single lesson to the max. Every morning they asked to play with the characters that had come alive in their minds and hearts. It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with FinlandWay!”

— Vanessa, Teacher

“I was having difficulties constructing the body image in the children. We tried before, but the kids wouldn’t build interest around it. We achieved that with FinlandWay, and as an educator, that was the most meaningful result.”

— Gabriela, Teacher

“The training was essential to kickstart our work. The theory and the workshops with dynamic activities were a 10/10! Our group loved it and we all have learnt of a new way of looking at the child.”

— Angelica, School Director and mother

We’re happy to hear from you!

Are you interested in transforming your existing school to the FinlandWay® methodology or would you like to talk about a potential partnership? Provide us with just a few pieces of information and we’ll get back to you.


You can also send us an email to info@finlandwayschools.com