Leading Early Education Solution from Finland

FinlandWay is accessible, high-quality preschool solution to create world-class experience

Learning with Happy Ambition

We focus on well-being and creating lifelong learning abilities without compromising learning results

Play-based Participatory Methodology

Leading Finnish methodology for efficient early learning results

Finnish Early Childhood Education for Your Preschool

FinlandWay® offers a complete curriculum and teacher training created by PhD-level experts

FinlandWay® is a pioneer in packaging the best of Finnish early childhood education. We offer our international partner schools a complete, research-based preschool solution. 
Our rapidly growing network of schools benefit from a localised curriculum, educator training and daily teaching methodology guidance, inspiring learning space design and technology platforms combined with operational support. 
The FinlandWay® system provides a joyful and safe learning journey with daily educational goals for your child.

The most comprehensive solution with local educators’ needs in mind

Our mission is to bring the best of Finnish early childhood education to children, parents and teachers around the world. FinlandWay® programme is the accessible and affordable high-quality option adjustable to your context, language and culture. 

FinlandWay® is based on the latest Finnish curriculum and we can help you match the learning targets to your local requirements.

We train your teachers to deliver the programme using the latest methodology and help you to source all necessary materials and equipment locally.

Happier children without compromising learning results

Finnish early childhood education tops worldwide rankings in terms of a science-based methodology, qualified teachers, programmatic curriculum and parental involvement. 

Through FinlandWay®’s play- and phenomenon-based methodology, learning becomes an adventure. Positive experiences support curiosity and create a love for life-long learning and most importantly happy, competent and confident children.

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“The format is organized and the daily planning is ready-to-go, which simplifies the teacher’s job. The program was flexible enough for us to adapt it without compromising the learning. It satisfied all of our expectations.”

— Rita, Pedagogical Consultant

“The kids and myself enjoyed every single lesson to the max. Every morning they asked to play with the characters that had come alive in their minds and hearts. It has been a joy and a pleasure to work with FinlandWay!”

— Vanessa, Teacher

“I was having difficulties constructing the body image in the children. We tried before, but the kids wouldn’t build interest around it. We achieved that with FinlandWay, and as an educator, that was the most meaningful result.”

— Gabriela, Teacher

“The training was essential to kickstart our work. The theory and the workshops with dynamic activities were a 10/10! Our group loved it and we all have learnt of a new way of looking at the child.”

— Angelica, School Director and mother
FinlandWay celebrates quality expansion in Morocco

FinlandWay celebrates quality expansion in Morocco

FinlandWay International Preschools celebrated the opening of our second licensee unit in Morocco - the second authentic Finnish preschool in Africa - in the Casablanca region in partnership with Kidzmania. The event was attended by His Excellency the Ambassador Mr...

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